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Maine Prairie Studio: Studio Assistantship  2023

 The basics: This assistantship gives you the opportunity to pursue clay interests and learn about all aspects of our studio. In turn, you will help us out with a variety of tasks related and needed for the studio. 

We are excited and grateful to have your contributions to studio projects, but the main goal of this assistantship is for you to pursue goals and learning opportunities. These are to be determined by you, so please keep them in focus and communicate with us as they develop over time.

Overview of work expectations:

We ask for an average of ten hours of week of studio work. At times, this will be completed at scheduled times as a group; other times it will be done independently on your own schedule. Please track your hours worked and give us a summary on a monthly basis, including how much time has been spent on each type of task. 

This work may include the following:

  • Clay mixing
  • Glaze mixing
  • Kiln loading (electric and gas)
  • Studio cleaning
  • Studio maintenance/ organization
  • Website and advertising for the studio
  • Wood prep for wood firings
  • Other more specific projects
  • Studio Monitor

Assistant benefits:

Studio usage. You will have a certain amount of both private and shared space in the blue studio.

Kiln firings: You may participate in all studio firings, at no cost.

Clay: Pugged recycled clay may be used at no cost. Assistants may also provide their own clay or purchase clay from us (we order through Continental Clay).

Sales of work: Assistants may participate in studio sales at Maine Prairie Studio and may also sell work online through the Maine Prairie Studio site. Assistants will retain all proceeds, minus a share of costs to sell the work (ie promotion of the sale, credit card fees, shipping etc.). Assistants may also choose to sell work through other means.

Teaching: Assistants may choose offer a class to be held at the studio. Compensation TBD.

Duration of assistantship:

This assistantship is a six month commitment with option to extend it for a longer time period.

It is important to us that this opportunity is a positive experience for everyone. This assistantship may be terminated by either party at any point with two weeks notice if it becomes clear that it is not a good fit. We also encourage you to give us feedback at any time about the assistantship. 


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